Our Team

Director General

Andreas Athanasiades - [email protected]


Personal Assistant to the D.G.

Elpida Constantinou - [email protected]


Legal Service

Eleni Pelekanou - [email protected]

Andreas Argyrou - [email protected] 

Andreas Ashikkis - [email protected]


Economic Research & Statistical Service

Kalia Halka - [email protected]


Οur team is responsible for providing permanent support to the BoD and is in direct contact with all IAC members, updating them on all insurance matters.

Our team is responsible, among other things, of the following:

  • The implementation of BoD decisions and the advancement of the Strategy and Action Plans.
  • The drafting of proposals and recommendations through the preparation of working papers and their submission to the BoD.
  • IAC’s active participation and representation at the European Insurance and Reinsurance Federation.
  • Representing IAC in the course of a dialogue framework with the competent Authorities.
  • Maintaining communication channels with the public on all insurance matters.
  • Enhancing the association’s public image through the mass media.
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