Our new Website

We welcome you to the renewed website of the Insurance Association of Cyprus (IAC). Easy to use and attractive, our website is instrumental in enhancing the major role we have to play, as the recognised and representative body of the Insurance Industry in Cyprus.

With a modern design and keeping up with the modern demands of online communication, our new website serves as a distribution channel of valuable content to industry executives, the public and the media.

Through our renewed and redesigned website, the visitor can navigate through the Insurance world, discovering more about: the 29 member-companies that we represent, the collective positions and proposals of our members to the executive and legislative branches of the government, as well as the significant role we play as IAC in the development of the Insurance Industry. At the same time, the website provides informative content about insurance, supporting the efforts to address insurance illiteracy.

We hope that your journey on our new website will be safe and full of knowledge, offering you a fully upgraded customer experience. 

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